Curly-Coated Retrievers
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Curlies can do it all

Curly-Coated retrievers are very versatile athletic dogs.

Total Dog

UKC-Logo UKC has supported the Total Dog philosophy through its events and programs for over a century. Essentially, the UKC world of dogs is a working world. That's the way it was developed in 1898, and that's the way it remains today. A Total Dog displays equal parts Function, Temperament, and Structure. Total Dog is a way to showcase dogs who look and perform equally well. The UKC Total Dog philosophy places an emphasis on dogs who shine in multiple venues, such as displaying the gait appropriate for their breed type while in the show ring, and then using that superb construction to effortlessly run full speed in a Lure Coursing race. A sound, well-bred, well-adjusted dog can easily transition from the show ring to a performance event. They have the looks to excel as a proper specimen of their breed, while also having the brains and ability to perform athletically in a variety of sporting events.





Nosework is a great game for every dog who loves to use their sense of smell. Modeled after working detection dogs, this activity provides a safe and enriching scenario that can be easily performed anywhere and builds a trusting and lasting relationship between handler and dog.

The concept of Nosework is that all handlers, and all dogs, regardless of physical structure, should have the opportunity to participate and experience success.








UKC Hunting

The Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) is an international organization promoting common sense afield and hunting realism in testing Hunting retrievers. There are five ability-based (not age) categories that the dogs may enter in the HRC Tests: Started, Seasoned, Finished, Grand and Upland. The tests are directly related to hunting the retriever in the field for waterfowl and upland game.





Agility is a fast-paced sport where a dog and handler race to complete a specially-designed obstacle course, involving tunnels, bridges, and jumps. This event is great for all ages! Be amazed at how fast the dogs can complete the course.

Speed is important, but Agility is also about accuracy and working as a dog/owner team.

It takes an incredible bond between owner and dog to navigate the courses. Agility is a great workout open to all dogs!



Dock Diving

Dock Jumping is an exciting sport for any dog who loves to make a splash! In this event, dogs run down a dock and leap after a toy thrown into the water, or after a target held above the pool. Whoever jumps the farthest wins.

What’s great about this sport is that most dogs already have the natural drive to swim and play fetch, so any energetic dog is bound to enjoy it!


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Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing is an excellent activity for dogs who love to run! Dogs who enjoy the chase can excel in Lure Coursing, where they pursue an artificial lure around a predetermined course, demonstrating their natural prey drive in a safe environment. Regular Lure Coursing meets are great for sighthound breeds, while Coursing Aptitude Tests are open to all dogs.









Barn Hunt Instinct Test 



In Obedience Trials, dogs perform a series of intricate exercises at the command of their handler. This event is the foundation for all other activities you can do with your dog. Obedience competition levels range from the basic novice skills of sit, stay and heel, to the most advanced skills of directed retrieves, scent discrimination, and following hand signals.

Success in Obedience requires training and dedication to build the special bond needed to work together in this precision-based activity. If you are looking for a challenge and strive for perfection, this is the event for you!











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